Sep 21, 2011
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Stupid pathogens!

I was sick this morning, obviously i’m feeling slightly better otherwise I would’t be posting this.

Bleh! This is how I feel:

how I feel

And I wanted to go to school today because we have this tech open house and I wanted to stalk the little confused freshman who are still looking for their niche and then make them feel accepted :(

Look what you’ve done pathogens! Now i’m way behind on my underclassman stalking!

My two latest stalkee’s were this band kid my friend introduced me too and using my brilliant skill of creating memorable first impressions I scared him off but I still plan on finding him again! mwahaha

Goodness! The stuff my mommy gave me are makng me loopy!

Anywho! The second stalkee is a teeny freshman (By teeny I mean my height) with poofy hair that I only noticed because we kept on accidentally going the same direction in the hallway and he reminded me of a mouse!

Then theres this other person who my friend and I stalk at the mall.This stalkee works at a Starbucks and wears converse and is most likely between the ages of 18-21 (too old). When I say my friend and I stalk this person what I mean to say is that I stalk she just looke at me like:

Ah! My head hurts!

Time to drink tea, take a nap, and possibly watch netflix….

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